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The two qualities of great software architecture

Great software architecture solves a present business need and is easy to change when business needs change. Software architects have developed a number of heuristics: patterns and principles that help to achieve these goals. A software engineer that applies but does not fully understand these heuristics may implement them in situations that run counter to the goal. To write great software, it's important to understand how each pattern and principle contributes to the goal. Entire books have been written on most of these subjects. This is intended to be a brief overview, not an exhaustive list or explanation.  Solving a present business need Most users could look at an application and tell you whether it solves a present business need, aside from some of the more subtle nuances. For example, an application may solve one need but is not secure, which is usually one of the business requirements. Some of the criteria that may roll up to this metric, depending on your business: User ex