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The many benefits of working in small increments

If you're a software engineer, you've likely heard of the Single Responsibility Principle  (SRP). I believe it's the single most important principle in software engineering. The simple explanation is that one object should do only one thing and do it well. Having a well defined single responsibility makes code easier to understand, change, delete, and test. The complexity of code grows exponentially with size. Two 100 line classes, with proper segregation of responsibility, are significantly easier to understand than a single 200 line one. SRP is the "work in small increments" principle for code, and the same exponential growth in complexity applies to much more than just code. Working in small increments shortens the feedback cycle, which is the best thing any organization can do to increase its velocity. Small Tasks Every task should be small - small enough to complete in less than two weeks, ideally less than two days. Small tasks are easier to write, understan